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Dj Kiran NG Vol – 17

Music Info
Album Name     :- Kiran NG Vol  - 17
Artist                :-  Dj Kiran NG , Dj Shubahm K
MP3 Bitrate      :-  320 Kbps
File Size           :-  104 MBi
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01) Main Teri Dushman (Compition Mix)- Dj Kiran (NG)7.5 MiB1854
02) Bol Bajrang Bali Ki Jay - Dj Kiran (NG)9.0 MiB1272
03) Mach Gaya Shor - Dj Kiran (NG)9.9 MiB1307
04) Ek Chumma Tu Mujhko - Dj Kiran (NG)10.0 MiB1039
05) Dilbar Dilbar (House Mix) - Dj Kiran (NG)8.2 MiB1016
06) Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Halgi Mix) - Dj Kiran (NG)7.3 MiB889
07) Ek Do Teen (Part 2) - Dj Kiran (NG)10.0 MiB933
08) O Lal Dupatte Wali - DJ Kiran ( NG ) & DJ Shubham K9.2 MiB815
09) Dil Jaane Jigar (Part 2) - Dj Kiran (NG)9.9 MiB884
10) Tapaka Re Tapka (Compition Mix) - Dj Kiran (NG)13.1 MiB1062
11) Shaktimaan - Dj Kiran (NG) & Dj GA Remix6.3 MiB944
Index20.0 B2
Index20.0 B10

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