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Dahi Handi Special – DJ Kiran NG Vol 9

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Artist : Dj Kiran NG, Dj SMK ,Dj Manoj Mumbai
Track / Name:
Dahi Handi Special – DJ Kiran NG Vol 9
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01)-O-Palanhare-(Intro)---Dj-Kiran-(NG)-&-Dj-Manoj-Mumbai-(PunekarDJsClub.In)10.3 MiB1762
02)-Teen-Battiwala---Dj-Kiran-(NG)- (PunekarDJsClub.In)7.6 MiB1432
03)-MD-Cha-Govinda---Dj-Kiran-(NG)-&-Dj-Smk- (PunekarDJsClub.In)10.3 MiB1302
04)-Har-Taraf-Hai-Yeh-Sho---Dj-Kiran-(NG)- (PunekarDJsClub.In)9.7 MiB1297
05)-Aasali-kya-Hai---Dj-Kiran-(NG)-&-Dj-A9-(PunekarDJsClub.In)9.4 MiB1075
06)-Geli-Kuth-Gavana---Dj-Kiran-(NG)- (PunekarDJsClub.In)8.2 MiB1308
07)-Pandit-Ji-Ne-Haath---Dj-Kiran-(NG)-&-Dj-A9-(PunekarDJsClub.In)9.4 MiB1067
08)-Aai-Tuzy-Dongrava---Dj-Kiran-(NG)- (PunekarDJsClub.In)10.7 MiB1129
09)-Apadi-Pode---Dj-Kiran-(NG)-(PunekarDJsClub.In)9.6 MiB1271
10)-Girnicha-Wajude-Bhonga---Dj-Kiran-(NG)- (PunekarDJsClub.In)11.6 MiB947

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